Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Penzé - Treetop adventure
Adventure ahead

Go upstream
to gain height

Wake up gently before loads of thrill-seeking
Les Mouettes - L\'insubmersible Château du Taureau - Petit déjeuné
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Today, everyone gets up when they like! Although the day’s agenda is intended to be lighter, this does not mean it is any less exciting, particularly for the children who can discover the thrills on offer at one of the best adventure courses in Brittany!

To do so, the entire family should go to Penzé, not even 10 kilometres from the Les Mouettes campsite. In this small town the Ecopark Adventures park and its 10 treetop adventure courses, for more than 1,500 metres of thrills, is located!

Time for the big departure.
Camping Les Mouettes - Expériences - Penzé

Everyone is ready to treat themselves to a little adventure! You’ve made sure nothing has been forgotten, before you leave. The gloves are in the rucksack and everyone is wearing old shoes .

On the way to Penzé, you decide to make a quick stop at the Pont de la Corde bridge, which enables the Penzé river to cross the village of Henvic around 5 kilometres from its mouth in the Morlaix bay. Here you take a few magnificent photos.

The small harbour on the river bed
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Penzé - Port
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Before going to Ecopark Adventures, you make the most of being in Penzé to discover this village and particularly its little harbour. Once frequented by coasters transporting wrack seaweed, wood and shell sand, this consists of two quays and a slipway. Nowadays, here you’ll admire a few small pleasure craft with a shallow draft.

Time for a picnic
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Penzé - Picnic basket

The visit to the small town of Penzé having ended, you decide to sit down on the banks of the coastal river to have a picnic. The children are in seventh heaven, they know once they’ve eaten their sandwiches, they want to indulge in loads of thrill-seeking…

You’re off for an afternoon of adventure!
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Penzé - Zip line

After a short training and equipment session, the entire family is ready to attack the trees which make up the ancient Penzé forest. You’ll start with a beginners’ course, where you learn safety techniques and get used to the treetop adventure sensations. The children are enthusiastic and full of energy, eager to tackle the various obstacles awaiting them.

The park offers a wide variety of courses suitable for all levels, from the easiest to the most difficult. You embark on family courses, consisting of rope bridges, zip lines and suspended nets. The courses become progressively more daring and exciting. You dare to venture on to longer and quicker zip lines, crossing unstable footbridges and climbing breathtaking nets.


A perfect afternoon for young and old alike
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Penzé - Treetop adventure

The afternoon goes quickly, punctuated by laughs and the challenges discovered as a family. You share times of closeness and encouragement, celebrating every success with pride. The children feel proud to have overcome their fears, and the adults are delighted at this experience unique of its kind.

At the end of the afternoon, you end your treetop adventure day with a flourish, on the giant zip line which crosses the park over 300 metres. This makes it the largest in Brittany! The sensation of flying above the trees and feeling the wind in your hair are simply unforgettable.

Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Penzé - Treetop adventure

Tired but overcome with joy, you leave the treetop adventure park with memories engraved on your minds. You’ll remember these times excelling yourself and the pleasure you’ve shared, now ready to go back to Carantec for a rest and recall this exciting afternoon of treetop adventure as a family.

you tell yourself this has the delightful air of a holiday in a garden campsite...
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