Les Mouettes - Ile Callot - Child - Shore fishing in Brittany
The ile Callot island, the best fishing spot in the bay

Shore fishing
with the kids

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Time and tide wait for no man!
Les Mouettes - Ile Callot - Children - Family walking over the causeway leading to the Ile Callot having a paddle

You’ve have checked the tidal ranges. This morning you must get up early, as the tide will be low at 9.45 a.m. This is the best time for razor clam fishing.

After preparing a lovely hot chocolate to gently wake the children, the entire family gets kitted out with boots, buckets and especially a good little packet of salt, necessary for a highly amusing fishing method!

Briefing and instructions for responsible fishing
Les Mouettes campsite - Activities and entertainment - Fishing on the submersible causeway leading to the Ile Calot island

The entire family gets very excited, when reaching the Ile Callot island’s submersible walkway. You have a devil of job making yourself heard.

However the instructions are no laughing matter, the foreshore is a fragile habitat, which must be protected to ensure species survival. Having a small ruler on you, you then show beginners the minimum size allowed.

There is a ban on returning stones, to protect the biodiversity, and naturally only collect what will be eaten!

The first attempts and initial laughter
Les Mouettes - Ile Callot island - Children - Shore fishing in Carantec

The Callot pass submersible path is the family spot in the bay. The sea has receded and the old sea dog in you can joyfully boast being the best razor clam fisherman in the family.

Firstly, locate the right hole, characteristic of the presence of razor clams, a hole which almost forms a figure of eight. You can recognise this with a little experience.

A small pinch of salt and if, after a few seconds, some bubbles come to the surface, this is a good sign. You simply have to wait for the razor clam to come out.

Finally, there it is! You missed it this time, you wanted to catch it too soon and the razor clam immediately disappeared.

It seems you’ve slightly lost your touch!

Fishing is great
Les Mouettes - Ile Callot - Passage submersible de l\'île Callot
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Lastly, after a few unsuccessful attempts, the children have got the hang of it and cheerfully sprinkle all the holes with salt, to increase the chances of catching them.

Equipped with your cap and small ruler, you keep an eye out for problems, down to the last grain of salt, and all the buckets are checked. Moreover, a few young razor clams are released back into the water.

At the end of the trip, the tide comes in again!
Les Mouettes - Ile Callot - Child - Shore fishing in Brittany
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You watch the rising tide out of the corner of your eye. You hadn’t anticipated being stuck on the Callot island for the entire day, although the experience would not be so unpleasant in the end, as the location has a few perfect white sandy beaches.

The Callot pass, which is starting to be submerged is your signal to go back. Besides, the fishing has been good. You have all you need for lunch.

The big bucket!
Les Mouettes - Papille en famille -
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On your return to the campsite, whilst everyone congratulates each other, and boasts of their fishing technique, it is time to clean your boots off and rinse the razor clams.

You must soak them in a large bucket of salty water, to clean all the sand off them. A process to be repeated several times, if you don’t wish to grind your teeth when tasting the clams!

Come and eat!
Les Mouettes - Ile Callot - Couteaux de mer
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On the menu this lunchtime, clams in parsley vinaigrette. Just as well, being your favourite recipe!

What better than this parsley vinaigrette with lemon garlic butter to accompany clams grilled to perfection by your favourite chef, who is also your loving companion.

With a small glass of white wine as your apéritif, and your children delighted to enjoy the catch of the day, your holiday in Brittany has started well. There is only your youngest who thinks fishing was fun, but who categorically refuses to taste the clams!

you tell yourself this has the delightful air of a holiday in a garden campsite...
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