Les Mouettes - The unsinkable Château du Taureau castle - Kayaking
The insubmersible Château du Taureau castle

Kayak Trip
for all the family

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A lovely hearty breakfast to face the Taureau castle
Les Mouettes - L\'insubmersible Château du Taureau - Petit déjeuné
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It is difficult to get near the Château du Taureau castle during your holiday in the Morlaix bay, but when you knew you could visit it by Kayak, you were delighted by the idea. A quick phone call yesterday to Carantec Nautisme was all it took to organise this morning’s kayak trip.

This morning there is no need to wake up too early. You wake up at 8.45 a.m., so the family can build up their strength at breakfast, to be able to paddle in high spirits, during this kayak trip accessible to all.

Final instructions before launching yourselves into the water
Les Mouettes - The unsinkable Château du Taureau castle - Kayaking

A few minutes from the campsite, your kayaks await you at the Kelenn beach. The Carantec Nautisme hirers provide safety instructions, and as always when at sea, you must carefully check the weather conditions.

Today you have bright sunshine and the sea is calm as a millpond!

You put on your life jackets and pick up your paddles to get to your boats and start the kayak trip, which is shaping up well.

on the Ile Louet island
Les Mouettes - The unsinkable Château du Taureau castle - ile de Callot island
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Slowly but surely, the kayaks glide over the glassy sea. Your family weaves through the boats at anchor, and you go along the Pen al Lann headland, heading for the Ile Louët island. You’ll enjoy this quiet sail, the numerous sea birds being unruffled by your presence.

It doesn’t take long, around 30 minutes, to get to the lighthouse keepers’ cottage on the Ile Louët island. You’ve decided to picnic there.

When reaching the top, what a 360° view over the Morlaix bay you have, with the famous Château du Taureau castle in your line of sight.

All aboard
for the Taureau castle
Les Mouettes - The unsinkable Château du Taureau castle - Kayaking

You go back to the water, to keep pace with the tide times for coming alongside the Château du Taureau castle.

You create a short race towards the target, but the closer you get, the more your pace slows down, to enjoy the imposing silhouette and the magnificence emanating from this renowned Vauban fortification!

Your family comes alongside for a guided tour.

The Château du Taureau has watched over the bay since the 16th century. From a single watchtower on a rock, Vauban made a defensive fortress. Over time, it became a prison, summer residence, then housing the Carantec sailing school from 1960 to 1980.

Headland to the west
towards the Ile Callot island
Petit déjeuné

Following the visit, you get re-equipped, deciding to continue your sailing along the eastern edge towards the Ile Stérec island, then go back up towards the Roches Jaunes (yellow rocks) near Plougasnou.

You’ll probably say that the Morlaix bay is magnificent with its diversity of breathtaking landscapes.

Cheerful return
to terra ferma
Les Mouettes - L\'insubmersible Château du Taureau -
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After covering a few nautical miles, your arms are beginning to suffer a little, and you decide to take the “land route”. The sea is still as lovely, but you must hurry up a little as the sky in the distance is a little more threatening.

On returning to land on the Le Kelenn beach, everyone agrees to have a drink on the terrace. One thing’s for certain, you’ll remember this lovely day in a kayak for some time to come.

you tell yourself this has the delightful air of a holiday in a garden campsite...
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