Les Mouettes - GR 34 footpath - Family walking along the coast
The magnificent GR 34

Hike as a family
by the sea

Wake up in the morning to treat yourself to one of the loveliest stretches of the GR 34.
Les Mouettes - GR 34 - Beach

You were dreaming of covering the legendary GR 34 and its 2,000 km of footpaths, where the sea is never out of sight, and finally your holiday in Carantec provides you with the chance to “treat” yourself to part of the Morlaix bay on foot.

This morning, the entire family wake up at dawn for a hike which promises to be magical. You take time for a lovely breakfast as a family, then you prepare the rucksacks before putting on your hiking boots.

You’re off! You’re all ready to walk along the Customs Officers’ Path!

Attack the magnificent Carantec loop circular trail
Les Mouettes - Ile Callot - Children - Family walking over the causeway leading to the Ile Callot having a paddle

You’re spoilt for choice In the Morlaix bay, the route of the GR 34 follows the sandy beaches of Locquirec, the cliffs of Saint Jean du Doigt and Plougasnou headlands, to reach the heart of Morlaix. It gradually runs alongside the river to get to Carantec and its’ islands, then continues towards Saint Pol de Léon, Roscoff and beyond…
Why take the car, when the GR 34 goes past the campsite. You’ve therefore decided to complete the 18 kilometres of the Carantec loop.

The entire family thus takes the route on foot, going along the oyster-farming sites in the mouth of the Penzé river, heading towards the Ile Callot island!

The Ile Callot submersible road
Les Mouettes - GR 34 footpath - submersible road leading to the ile Callot
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You were right yesterday evening to check the tides, and you can take the submersible road leading to the Ile Callot island. The crossing is fun, as the road is still submerged.

You’ve brought your binoculars with you to cover the bird sanctuary and admire the 360° view towards St Pol de Léon, Plouezoc’h and Plougasnou.

Before eating, have a break for a refreshing swim on one of the superb white sandy beaches of the island.

Have lunch on the Kélenn beach in the delightful resort of Carantec
Les Mouettes - GR 34 - Kelenn beach in Carantec

Whilst hiking, there are those who prefer picnicking and being completely self-sufficient. However, you are amongst the hikers who prefer to travel light. This lunchtime, it means going to one of the 3 restaurants located on the lovely Kélenn beach, in the centre of Carantec.

Snacks, burgers or sea food, you choose as the mood takes you.

The amazing view from the Penn Al Lann headland
Les Mouettes - GR 34 - La pointe de Penn Al Lann
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Head in the extreme eastern direction from Carantec, towards the Tahiti beach and Penn Al Lann rocky headland which offers exceptional scenery at high tide and low tide.

Surrounded by pines and granite, the Tahiti beach will be the perfect place for a well deserved siesta, but also the perfect spot to admire the famous Château du Taureau fortress and Ile Louet island.

Oyster tasting in the oyster beds
Les Mouettes - GR 34 footpath - Oyster tasting
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The entire family’s legs start to feel heavy, after 18 kilometres of amazing hikes. It is probably time for a break to enjoy delicious oysters at the Prat Ar Coum restaurant and oyster farm. Why not a glass of white wine? Isn’t it soon time for an apéritif?

You can then take the coastal path below running alongside the Roc’h Glaz, Le Clouët and the golf course…before returning on the main footpaths towards the campsite, totally shattered but absolutely ecstatic!

you tell yourself this has the delightful air of a holiday in a garden campsite...
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