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Escape to an exotic island

Ile de Batz

The hustle and bustle of Batz
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Ile de Batz island

Your mobile vibrates at 7 a.m. You set it for this time last night before going to bed. Yet only a few minutes later do you finally decide to get up…

Today’s the big day! You’re going to the island of Batz, this gem located off Carantec, which you’ve dreamt of discovering for a long time. This morning, the entire family wakes up with palpable excitement, ready to go off to explore this enchanting island.

After a delicious breakfast, you prepare your rucksacks and slip on your walking shoes, eager for an unforgettable day.

Immediate boarding
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Roscoff - Port

After around 10 minutes drive from the campsite, you arrive at Roscoff pier, enabling you to take the shuttle ferry operating between the island and the mainland. However, before boarding, you must go to the ticket office to buy tickets for the entire family.

Goodbye Roscoff, Good morning Ile de Batz!
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Ile de Batz - sea view

Finally, you board the ferry for barely a quarter of an hour’s crossing!
As the sun’s out, you decide to sit on the bridge, to admire the wild coast and the panorama across the open sea. The children are delighted! In the ship’s prow, they wish to be the first to get a ringside seat to watch the ship manoeuvring when coming alongside in the small port of Batz…

Everyone gets off
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Ile de Batz - beach

You’ve barely stepped onto the landing stage, before immediately going to one of the island’s bicycle hire shops. These are strategically placed here, where tourists embark and disembark. Be aware that car traffic, although not prohibited, is highly restricted on Batz and people mainly move around on foot or by bike.

To get around the island freely and easily, you therefore decide to hire an electric bike for each member of your family.
Finally the ride can start!

First stop - the George Delasselle botanical gardens
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Ile de Batz - flowers

A few pedal strokes, and you arrive in front of the entrance gate to the Georges Delasselle exotic gardens, magnificent botanical gardens, home to plant species from all over the world.

The intoxicating flower scents immediately bewitch your senses whilst the sparkling colours of the flowerbeds create a genuine feast for the eyes. You slowly walk along the winding paths, admiring the magnificent varieties of trees and exotic plants neatly laid out. Each corner of the garden reveals surprises, from picturesque waterfalls to shaded benches enticing you for a tranquil break.

The perfect spot for a lunch break
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Ile de Batz - cycling by the sea

After visiting the George Delasselle botanical gardens, it is time to look for a picnic place. You therefore go back to your bikes, and head for the Grève Blanche beach.

This is the island’s largest beach. Perfect scenery for your lunch break. You decide to spread out your blanket on the soft sand, whilst the children are already having fun building a sandcastle. Unpack your picnic basket, filled with delicious sandwiches, juicy fruit and refreshing snacks. Whilst savouring your meal, you make the most of the breathtaking view over the ocean and the gentle murmuring of the wind caressing your face.

Pounding the (200) steps!
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Ile de Batz island - lighthouse

The children make the most of the free time you’ve allowed them after your meal, to carry on building their magnificent sandcastle. That said it is now time to resume the ride, heading for the Ile de Batz lighthouse.

Once here, buy tickets enabling you to climb the 198 steps of this superb lighthouse built in 1836. With a height of 44 metres, at the top you can admire the splendid panorama over the island and strait. A panorama stretching from the Les Sept Iles (Seven Islands archipelago) in the east right across to the Ile Vierge islet in the west. This takes in the gateway to the Morlaix bay and the silhouette of the Monts d’Arrée mountain range standing out to the south of the horizon.

Relaxation on the beach
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Ile de Batz - beach

Having visited the museum exhibition “Batz avec les vents” (a museum exhibition on the history and life on Batz) located in the former lighthouse keepers’ quarters, go to the beach close to Poul C’horz, to spend some time on the sand, so the children can swim. You’ll prefer indulging in idleness, comfortably settled on your towel.

Time to go back
Les Mouettes campsite - Experiences - Ile de Batz - beach

It’s time to return, leaving the island of Batz to its inhabitants! After returning the bikes you’ve rented for the day to the hire company, you’re back on the landing stage. For one last time you gaze at the island’s picturesque scenery, which gradually moves away as the ferry approaches the port of Roscoff.

When the ship comes alongside the mainland, you disembark with a hint of sadness, but also promise you’ll come back to this magnificent island some day.
You take away the sense of freedom, tranquillity and wonder that you’ve experienced during this island trip. When you arrive back on dry land, you promise to always keep a special place in your heart for the island of Batz.

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