Les Mouettes - Morlaix bay islands - Grey seal - Family on the Château du Taureau castle rock
The exoticism of the Morlaix bay islands

Perfect trip
in an old sailing boat

Breakfast in the port of Roscoff
Les Mouettes - Morlaix bay islands - Fishing and pleasure boats in the port of Roscoff
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Great idea to spend today aboard the Amzer’zo sailing boat, to visit the islands in the Morlaix bay. You’re actually not a good sailor but this trip to discover the manoeuvres of a traditional sailing boat is a godsend.

You’ve chosen to leave from the magnificent port of Roscoff, a few kilometres from the campsite. A small coffee with bread, butter and jam in the port – there’s nothing better for a couple to get in the mood.

Leave port before hoisting the sails
Les Mouettes - Morlaix bay islands - Grey seal - Family on the Château du Taureau castle rock

After the captain’s briefing and safety instructions, it’s time to slowly leave port.

The captain makes the most of it to tell you about Amzer’zo’s history. It is a replica of a working boat from the beginning of the 20th century, used for fishing .
Finally it’s time to hoist the sails and help with the initial manoeuvres, heading for the Ile Callot island.

The seals on the Le Vezoul rock
Les Mouettes - Iles de la baie de Morlaix - Phoque gris
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Having skirted round the Ile Callot island on the north side, with a little history about its chapel and famous submersible path, you’ll be very keen to observe the seals living on the Le Vezoul rock.

On this occasion, the captain will be only too pleased to describe the sea mammals and fish found in the Morlaix bay.

If you keep your eyes peeled, you can sometimes glimpse sunfish in the sea, their dorsal fin gently emerging above the water.

The dance of the sea birds
Les Mouettes - Iles de la baie de Morlaix - Sternes
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The sailing ship continues its course along the bird sanctuary islands, being the Ile Ricard, Ile aux Dames and Ile de Sable.

You’ll be able to admire numerous seagulls, terns, oystercatchers…

The must-see Château du Taureau castle
Les Mouettes - The unsinkable Château du Taureau castle - Kayaking
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The sailing boat then continues its route around the majestic silhouette of the Château du Taureau castle, a building by Vauban which you won’t visit this time. It then goes by the Ile Louët island and the delightful lighthouse keeper’s cottage.

The largest megalithic mausoleum in Europe
Les Mouettes - Morlaix bay islands -  Cairn de Barnenez megalithic burial site
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From the sea, you’re then able to discover the Barnenez cairn, a Megalithic monument from the Neolithic era composed of dolmen passageways.

This 75 metre vast and prestigious monument probably had a symbolic meaning, to both the world of the dead and the living.

The Ile Noire island - the inspiration for the Tintin cartoon album
Les Mouettes - Morlaix bay islands - Ile Noire
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As you love Tintin, you look very closely at the island which was Hergé’s inspiration for his cartoon album of the same name.

Further on, the history of the customs officers and their coastal paths will hold no secrets for you, after the trip along the St Samson, Le Guerzit and Port Blanc beaches.

Finally, it’s time for a picnic aboard, and to make a U-turn to the Primel Trégastel rocks, in front of the gateway to the Le Diben port.

The myth of the wreckers’ tower
Les Mouettes - Morlaix bay islands - Ile de Batz
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The headland is a little offshore towards the Les Duons plateau and its wreckers’ tower. These coastal inhabitants who, using misleading signals, may have caused shipwrecks to seize wreck debris.

A myth which sends shivers down your spine but the legend persists and tells of Bretons living by the coast causing shipwrecks, so they could plunder them.

At the time, a rule known as “droit de bris”, ensured that when shipwrecks occurred all the debris belonged to the lord owning the coast where it was washed up.

The Ile de Batz island - for next time
Les Mouettes - Iles de la baie de Morlaix -
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Before returning to the port, you can admire from afar the wonderful Ile de Batz which, in itself, is worth a visit.

Ahead of entering the strait, you can catch a glimpse of Old Roscoff, bearing witness to the former privateer’s town.

One final manoeuvre and the sails are lowered as the boat enters the port.

With time to thank the captain for all the stories he told, you return to terra ferma feeling a little seasick as, in the end, you have slight sea legs!

you tell yourself this has the delightful air of a holiday in a garden campsite...
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