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Camping Les Mouettes - 1972 - création du camping Les Mouettes

Our history and our valuesA family adventure
started in 1972


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Les Mouettes, a family
adventure since 1972

The history of Les Mouettes Campsite goes hand in hand with that of the Bellec family. Yann Bellec and his partner Stéphanie are the third generation to be running the campsite, which has been located in the grounds of the former family farm for nearly 50 years.
Now one of the most beautiful and luxurious campsites in Brittany, Les Mouettes relies on its team of talented and motivated staff, centred around the Bellec family, to share its history and values with holidaymakers.








Our Values

The Mouettes resort has been family managed since 1972. Respect, mutual assistance and simplicity have always been fundamental values. Regardless of their function, each employee counts, is listened to and contributes to the success of the entire team.

Every day, we do our best to please, to be available, to encourage interaction so that all holidaymakers are delighted by their stay.

Throughout our amenities, our communication, our products,… we highlight the Breton identity, flora, originality and the environment. Finally, every day we strive collectively to be innovative and dynamic in our role as creators of beautiful memories.

Our team

And to make it Yelloh! Les Mouettes Village is a unique holiday resort in Brittany, the Bellec family counts on a team of motivated staff. Made up of 9 men and women who are true experts in their professions and who work all year round to welcome you in spring and summer.

Evelyne, Virginie and Caroline answer your questions by phone and email and manage your reservations. Always at your disposal, they will ensure an unforgettable stay.

In the field, Patrice and Tommy make sure that the facilities and accommodations are functioning properly so that your holidays are spent in the best conditions.Together with his colleagues and local businesses, he carries out the various improvement works which take place each winter.

Martine and Alix organise the preparation of rental units, they ensure that each property is perfectly clean and tidy.

Juliette is in charge of the mini-market and the hot food section “Et avec ceci”. She ensures that your breakfast goes well, and that you start your day focused upon good humour.

Didier our chef de cuisine, who is passionate about his job, transfers with flair local flavours on to your plate in our restaurant.

Valérie, in the Corporate and Finance centre, manages the corporate element relating to all of the seasonal and permanent staff, as well as the campsite's entire accounts department.

Each year, our team is supported by a team around 100 seasonal workers from February to October, April to September, July and August to ensure you get the best service possible.

There are a lot of positions to be filled for the season in a wide variety of fields: kitchen, room service, bar service, security, maintenance, green space maintenance, reception, entertainment, swimming pool supervision, accommodations and premises cleaning, supermarket, take-away catering. Don’t hesitate to apply if you would like to learn a new trade, put your skills into practice, perfect your English, etc. Joining Les Mouettes for a season is being part of a dynamic team, within a tourism company where excellence and a sense of hospitality are at the heart of our concerns.

The key milestones for
Les Mouettes Campsite:


Creation of the "Les Mouettes" Campsite on an 8 hectare agricultural site. Development of 100 pitches rated 2 stars

In 1972, to meet the demand of campers who were looking for land to pitch their tents, Robert Tanguy, Anne Marie Bellec’s father, then a cauliflower and artichoke farmer on the Carantec peninsula, decided to convert one of his fields into a campground. On 1 July 1972, Les Mouettes Campsite officially opened its doors with 100 2-star pitches, a sanitary block and a reception.


Transition to 3 stars


150 pitches and creation of our first swimming pool.

A real historical and strategic turning point for the campsite which was one of the first campsites in Brittany to be equipped with a swimming pool. An facility that was be unanimously welcomed by holiday makers.

1986 - 1989

Design of the bar.
Transition to 4 stars, 220 pitches.
Creation of a games room and grocery store.

1991 - 1995.

Installation of the first 2 water slides and expansion of the bar.
The history of Les Mouettes is based on the extraordinary development of its water park, which over time became "its trademark". In 1991, the Bellec family broke new ground and made the headlines with the installation of two "giant" water slides, which are still said to be the largest in Brittany.

Installation of a third giant water slide.

1997 - 1998.

Renovation of the bar and development of the games and billiards area
Yann joined his parents Pierre and Anne-Marie Bellec in the family adventure.


Expansion of the water park with the creation of a leisure river.

That year, still searching for innovation and surprises, the family dreamed up and created a tropical river that crisscrosses the water park. That year, the water park uncompromisingly asserted itself with its tropical style ambience. The exuberant vegetation made up of palms, banana trees, bamboo and other tropical and Mediterranean plants signalled the water park’s new identity guaranteeing a change of scenery.


273 pitches


Enlargement of the water park to give 1,000 m² of pools.


Campsite extension - 400 4-star rated pitches.


Les Mouettes joins the most beautiful outdoor hotels "Yelloh! Village”. In this chain with its very demanding specifications, the family joined fellow business associates who share the same values such as excellence, a sense of hospitality, respect, innovation, etc.


Creation of the village "Canopia": Installation of 34 chalets in a botanical park

Canopia was the beginning of a new adventure for the Bellec family: making Mouettes a real "garden campsite". Gardenia, Caribbean, Bahia Lodges, Natura Lodges were all created after Canopia, as many names as different floral ambiances. The remarkable vegetation of Yelloh! Over the years, Les Mouettes villages became a major component of the facility's DNA.


Construction of "balneo", a 250m² covered swimming pool.


Construction of a new building to house the indoor swimming pool’s sanitary areas and changing rooms, children's playrooms and the supermarket.


Obtaining our 5th star.

After a 40 year lifespan, Les Mouettes proudly flaunts its 5th star. A real success for the Bellec family, part of the transformation of a simple artichoke field, 40 years previously.

Creation of a new children’s playground.


Creation of the Natura Lodges area, a top-of-the-range rental unit area with private spas, Natura Lodges is the facility’s 5th green atmosphere

A space surrounded by nature, sleek design accommodation with private spas. “What else? “

Renovation of Ty Coz bar and restaurant


Creation of the AquaGarden: a children's water playground in a 2,000m² park making it the largest water park in Brittany.

Children are kings at Yelloh! Les Mouettes Village So to satisfy them and enrich their holidays, the Bellec family had the idea of creating a water park just for them: the AquaGarden. A 2,000m² water playground with a giant water bucket, water slides, water jets galore, paddling pool, etc. With the AquaGarden, Les Mouettes offers an exceptional water park, one of the most beautiful in Brittany.


A new area set aside for children has been created: it is home to the clubs for those aged 5 to 12 and the Mini-Ouistiti playroom given over to those aged 0 to 5.