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A region rich in colours and landscapes

Between Trégor and Léon, the Bay of Morlaix is set in a remarkable landscape with intoxicating colours, changing at the mercy of the tides that, in an infinite back and forth game, play at making the innumerable islands and islets that surround it appear and disappear. The largest of these islands, named Callot, is indistinguishable from the Carantec peninsula. This is the one that our campsite is on. Close to Les Mouettes, you can explore the many sandy coves that stretch along the coastline from Pointe de Roscoff to Locquirec, passing Plougasnou and Saint Pol de Léon. A region rich in culture and unique local produce, to be enjoyed without restraint during your stay at Les Mouettes Campsite in Carantec.

"Excellent family stay in a very pleasant campsite just a stone's throw from the beach. Comfortable mobile home in an extremely well maintained park. The campsite is ideally located to discover the Bay of Morlaix."

elobeau14, 04/11/2017


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Located in the heart of the Bay of Morlaix, Carantec is one of the oldest seaside resorts on Finistère’s north coast. The first tourists came to Carantec as early as the beginning of the 20th century to enjoy the benefits of the sea and the beach. Our campsite is only 1.5 kilometres from Carantec town centre. There you can find shops, bars, restaurants and other tourist activities. In addition to its gentle lifestyle, the seaside resort of Carantec boasts exceptional panoramas along its coastline, such as Pen Al Lan, and its viewing point for the Ile Louët lighthouse and the Château du Taureau. It has incomparably beautiful beaches like the Tahiti beach, which is one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Brittany.

The Bay of Morlaix

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Between Léon and Trégor, the Bay of Morlaix is one of the most beautiful natural sites in Brittany. Countless islands and islets dot this remarkable bay, which stretches to the west from Callot Island to the tip of Primel, east of Plougasnou. Its coastline is home to countless tourist sites, as well as one of the most famous seaside resorts on the Breton coast: Carantec.

Callot Island is one of the unmissable sites in the Bay of Morlaix. It can be reached on foot when the tide is out. It has a lot of beautiful small coves of fine sand to attract the more adventurous.

In the middle of the bay, the château du Taureau was once charged with defending the bay’s entrance and protecting Morlaix from English attacks. Today, the castle has been completely restored and is open to the public. From the top of its fortifications, the 360° panorama over the bay is absolutely exquisite!

The Château du Taureau

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The imposing Château du Taureau stands in the middle of the Bay of Morlaix. Built in the 16th century to stop English attacks on the Morlaix port, this imposing fortress seems to float in the middle of the waves like Fort Boyard. The two share a common destiny as they were both later transformed into prisons.

Camping Les Mouettes - Région - Château du Taureau
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Restored in keeping with its origins, it was finally opened to the public in 2006, after having experienced no less than seven different lives! It once housed the social events of a wealthy heiress, German batteries during the Second World War, a sailing school, etc. To visit the Château du Taureau your starting point is Carantec where you need to take a boat to the fort, as it is at the mercy of the tides.

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An historic town in the heart of a country of Art and History; the town of Morlaix brings together all aspects of a charming medieval city in Brittany! Its narrow picturesque lanes, alleyways by the dozen, steep staircases, and above all its magnificent half-timbered houses, make it a popular town for lovers of history and old stones.

Among the exceptional dwellings in Morlaix, the house known as 'Duchess Anne's House' and the house in Pondalez date from the 16th century are among the most beautiful in Brittany. On the banks of the river, the Royal Tobacco Factory is a monument to solid and massive architecture. The Morlaix viaduct dominates the old town, it was built during the second half of the 19th century to ensure the passage of trains between Paris and Brest. Today it is one of Morlaix town’s emblems.


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The most British of the Breton ports is located on a Bay of Morlaix peninsula, open to the English Channel. Formerly a pirate town, Roscoff is now home to an exceptional historical heritage, with its richly decorated ship-owners' houses, its flamboyant Gothic church and so on.

Camping Les Mouettes - Région - Roscoff - Ville ©crtb-ab8498_BERTHIER-Emmanuel
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Although this charming little town is known for having sheltered pirates, like its sisters on the Channel Saint Malo and Granville, Roscoff’s development was mainly due to trade. Cabotage as well as trade with England contributed to its port’s dynamism. Even today, Roscoff port still accommodates ferries crossing from the continent to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

A charming town, seaside resort, home of thalassotherapy, Roscoff and its many faces are there to be wholly explored, as is the island of Batz which faces it!

Camping Les Mouettes - Région - Roscoff - Paysage ©crtb-ac5147_LAMOUREUX-Alexandre

Saint Pol de Léon

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Saint Pol de Léon is located 8 kilometres from Les Mouettes Campsite and is one of the most picturesque historic towns in Brittany. Its ancient centre houses numerous granite mansions and is dominated by the spires of Saint Paul Aurélien cathedral and Notre Dame de Kreisker chapel, which, at 80 metres high, surpasses all the belfries of Brittany.

An ancient episcopal city, Saint Pol de Léon has an exceptionally religious heritage, but this is not its only attribute. Saint Pol de Léon is today the capital of the golden belt, the name given to one of the first market gardening regions of France.

Camping Les Mouettes - Région - Saint Pol de Léon - Eglise ©crtb-ac4716_BOURCIER-Simon

"The mobile home is very functional, clean and the location facing the sea gives a magnificent view, especially at sunset. A friendly welcome. The geographical location means that you can visit all the beaches and sights of the region. "

Catherine M 12/09/2017

The Island of Batz

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The island of Batz is opposite Roscoff and at the north-western end of the Bay of Morlaix. To get there, you just have to take one of the daily shuttle buses that link it to Roscoff port. The crossing only takes about fifteen minutes, but during this time the world changes.

Camping Les Mouettes - Région - Île de Batz - Ville et plage ©crtb-ab8393_BERTHIER-Emmanuel
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The island of Batz is indeed as beautiful as it is exotic! It can be explored by walking along its coastal paths. Its mild climate is beneficial for cultivation, and many interested people stroll in the Georges Delaselle Botanical Garden, with its collection of exotic plants from the five continents.

Camping Les Mouettes - Région - Île de Batz - embarquement ©crtb-ac2055_BERTHIER-Emmanuel

The Monts d’Arrée

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At the boundary of the bishoprics of Cornouaille and Léon the landscape is similar to that of Ireland and Wales. The typical Argoat, or inland Brittany countryside is comprised of rocks with mainly moorland flora. The name of this area is Monts d'Arrée and its origins go back to the Primary Era, or Paleozoic, 300 million years ago.

At that time, Monts d'Arrée consisted of mountains 2,000 and 3,000 metres high. Continuous erosion over the centuries subsequently lowered their altitude by an average of 100 to 200 meters. Roc' h Ruz, the highest of the Monts d'Arrée peaks, is now 385 metres above sea level. The Monts d'Arrée landscape, with its moors and rocks, but also with charming chapels and churchyards, can be explored on foot or on a mountain bike.