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Camping Les Mouettes - Yelloh! Village

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Yelloh! Village, the leading top-of -the range campsite chain

Choosing to spend your holiday at a Yelloh! Village Campsite in Brittany, guarantees that you can take advantage of the multiple benefits of the leading top-of-the-range campsite chain in France and Europe!!

High quality infrastructures, numerous and varied services, modern and comfortable holiday rentals, and special care for the surroundings and the environment, etc. member institutions of the Yelloh! Village chain are required to comply with a number of rules and conditions to ensure that your holidays go as smoothly as possible.

With Yelloh! Village, camping is fit for a king!

At Les Mouettes Campsite, we all wish to welcome you in the best possible conditions for your holidays in Brittany. That's why we have signed the Yelloh! Village quality charter. All our teams must respect this charter, which means that all our holidaymakers have the most enjoyable holiday in Finistère.

You will really appreciate all the elements in Yelloh! Village’s quality charter:

  • A quick and easy to use booking system
  • A warm welcome
  • Your entry formalities are dealt with quickly
  • We listen to your questions and give you clear answers
  • Clear information is available at all times
  • We take your opinions into account


  • Our natural, immaculately-kept setting embraces you during your stay
  • Our useful services are permanently available on site
  • Our wide choice of activities and events
  • Our continuous entertainment for children and adults alike
  • Our lively and friendly evening events for everyone’s delight
With our Yelloh! Village Campsite in Brittany, you are sure to enjoy your stay on the Pink Granite Coast - Bay of Morlaix.